Unofficial/Bootleg LP's Various prices!!


Buzzcocks - Primal Urges LP (16 Tracks, from the Live ROIR Cassette, I believe?, Excellent quality!!) SOLD OUT
The Clash - Live Jamaica 1982 LP (16 Tracks) SOLD OUT
Crucifix - Nineteen Eighty Four LP (10 Tracks from Crucifix 12"EP, Nineteen Eighty Four 7", Not So Quiet On Western Front Comp. LP, rat Music For Rat People Comp. LP + Insert) - SOLD OUT
The Damned - Doom The Damned LP (13 Tracks, various Live/demo/bootleg recordings)
Danzig - LP1 LP (10 Tracks, Gatefold Sleeve, Lyric Inner)
The Descendents - Fartathon Live 1987 LP (25 Tracks, recorded live in St.Louis, March 1987)
Minutemen - Sickles And Hammers LP (22 Tracks, Live FM Broadcast from San Francisco, October 1981) - SOLD OUT
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless LP (11 Tracks, GOLD Vinyl)
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness LP (13 Tracks, RED Vinyl, Lyric Insert) - SOLD OUT
Poison Idea - Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes LP (12 Tracks, Lyric Insert) SOLD OUT
The Replacements - The Early Mats LP (14 Tracks, various outtakes!)
The Saints - International Robots LP (14 Tracks, ORANGE Vinyl, Eternally Yours Sessions from 1977)