No Friends Zine Issue 2 w/Royal Headache & 4 Track 7" Flexi

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ISSUE #4, Summer 2016: SOLD OUT
interviews with the saviors of American rock'n'roll, Tenement, One half of the comedy the hilarious feminist/queer comedy duo The Puterbaugh Sisters, Danielle Puterbaugh, Jakob VanLammeren, archivist of the Leather Archives & Museum, Carbondale, IL's Bad Taste, Greek post-punks Κωμωδία Θανάτου (Comedy of Death), Minneapolis basement rockers Lemonade, dozens of columns, tons of photos, and hundreds of reviews that people will inevitably love/hate.
The 7" flexi record for issue #4 will have new, and exclusive music by Tenement, Sadie Switchblade's heartfelt as fuck solo project, Dyke Drama, Chicago's DIY punk supergroup Endless Column, and Buffalo, NY's one-woman feminist dancepunk powerhouse, Jamie and the Debt.

ISSUE #3, Spring 2016: SOLD OUT
interviews with Oakland art-damaged, weirdo punks Violence Creeps, bleak Icelandic post-punks Börn, Los Angeles (by way of Chicago) stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane, ringleader behind Halo of Flies Records and Protestant -- Corey Von Bohlen, angular’n’dancey English punks Shopping, the composer of the soundtrack to the film It Follows – Disasterpeace, Vermont’s queer-centric record label Stickshift Records, comedian Caitlin Gill, long running zine editor and cartoonist Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer fanzine, international DIY documentarian John Yingling of the World Underground series – focusing on East Asian DIY music and arts communites, Buffalo, NY’s one-woman lo-fi punk powerhouse Jamie and the Debt.
Plus tons of columns, hundreds of music reviews, and articles about stuff like how to go skateboarding in North Korea, 120 pages of some of the most interesting and most entertaining DIY punk/hardcore/whatever coverage you’re gonna find these days.
And as always, every copy of the zine comes with a 7” flexi record. Issue #3 will come with exclusive tracks from Oakland’s Violence Creeps, the straight-ahead screech and riffs of Brooklyn, NY’s Shockwaves, Chicago’s weirdo-punk noiseniks TV Slime, and the best goddamn teenaged punk band the city of Bellwood has to offer, Bleeding Gums.

Interviews with Australia’s uncertain rock’n’roll saviors ROYAL HEADACHE, Bay Area sociopolitical comedian, former host of Totally Biased and current host of The United Shades of America, W. KAMAU BELL, Chicago’s own post-punk/goth darlings STARING PROBLEM, Spain’s infectious, melodic, broody punks JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, Germany’s gruff-n-melodic HELL AND BACK, founding member of the CURE and member through the Disintegration album, LOL TOLHURST, Milwaukee emotional punks, and local scene workhorses MARCY, Macedonia’s favorite post-punk/dance anarchists BERNAY’S PROPAGANDA, Bay Area based sex worker legal aid resource RED LIGHT LEGAL, and St. Louis’ angular and driven punks TRAUMA HARNESS. We also have a report on the NORTHERN ISOLATION fest in Minnesota from earlier in the year, and a great tour journal from Chicago, BOILERMAN - not to mention a sea of columns, photographs, and the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reviews of all the music, zines, and books we’ve received in the past few months.

We decided to try something different for this flexi. Instead of two bands with two songs each, we’re giving you a new and exclusive track by FOUR different bands – all of which have direct connections to our hometown of Chicago. The record features music by the ethereal post-punks SIAMESE TWINS, brain damaged synth punks PLASTIC, the raging hardcore of basement dwellers MACE, and the beer-soaked garage hardcore of UFUX.