Longings - S/t LP RED Vinyl

Image of Longings - S/t LP RED Vinyl


8 Track LP, Released by Framework Records.

The debut LP for LONGINGS, a Massachusetts post-punk 3 piece featuring Will and Meghan from Ampere and Cole from California X!

Listen here:

"Longings explore the dark passages of post-punk with an intricate and melodic edge. Both bleak and levitative, their self-titled debut aggressively conquers themes of frustration & isolation. The Western Massachusetts trio, comprised of Meghan Minior, Will Killingsworth, and Cole Lanier, have grown and intensified their sound dramatically since the release of their 2013 demo tape, and it truly shows on these recordings. Over the course of eight songs, the band crafts an acute and urgent album by way of dynamic guitar work, compelling vocals, and spirited delivery."