Fairlane - Wiris 7" BURGUNDY Vinyl

Image of Fairlane - Wiris 7" BURGUNDY Vinyl


4 Track 7", Released by Speedowax Records.

Burgundy Vinyl Limited to 164 No'd Copies!

Listen here:

Influenced by Quicksand, Samiam, Hum, and Texas Is The Reason, Fairlane meld post-punk, post-hardcore, and pop punk styles to create a catchy sound that is uniquely their own. Generating riffs and emotionally charged vocals, Fairlane deliveres heartfelt punk that not only captures the greatness of their influences but also pleases fans of modern emo. Turnover,Basement,Moose Blood Produced, tracked and mixed by Travis Hill at Looking Glass Studios.
Mastered by Bill Henderson ar Azimuth mastering.
Album art created by Nick Hamm.
The best set of songs so far ....stunning E.P !