Warp Lines - Human Fresh LP WHITE Vinyl/280 LAST COPY!

Image of Warp Lines - Human Fresh LP WHITE Vinyl/280 LAST COPY!


12 Track LP, Released by Dirt Cult Records

Warp Lines are from Ottawa, Canada and feature ex and current members of Steve Adamyk Band, Big Dick, Million Dollar Marxists, Van Johnson, Uranium Comeback, The Yips, The New Calling and more.

Picking up where slightly more popular bands left off, Warp Lines' Human Fresh is the latest attempt by Johnny (guitar), Kurt (bass) & Dave (drums) to create something fun and interesting to add to the collective punk rock catalog. For those interested in labels, it’s safe to call Warp Lines a post-hardcore band. But there’s also plenty of ear candy here for fans of early 90’s grunge and alt-rock, garage revival, power pop, skate punk and even psychedelia.

For anyone interested, warp lines are the tools used by sailing ships to create movement out of a dead calm.

FOR FANS OF: Drives Like Jehu, The Wipers, Husker Du, Limblifter, Thrush Hermit

Limited to 200 on white vinyl!

Listen here: