Spirits/iTomar Control! Split 7" PINK Vinyl/111

Image of Spirits/iTomar Control! Split 7" PINK Vinyl/111

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3 new tracks by each band, Released by Speedowax Records.

Have you ever looked out from a seaside cliff into the sunset? Spirits. Have you taken flight toward the heavens as though you were an eagle, soaring higher with each moment? Spirits.
Pressing your face against the glass from a 40-story building only to look out over a pale city. Spirits.
Boston. Straight edge.......

Tomar Control! (“Take Control”) Hailing from Lima, Perú iTC! are an pma all-girl.
They encourage issues like animals liberation, feminist and straight edge hardcore ball of fury. And they think the hardcore scene is a catalyst for positive change influnced by Uniform Choice, Champion, Battery, Youth of Today and Chain of Strength
... “Take Control means being aware. If you want something, you have to work for it.
No matter if no one else believes in you—what matters is that you believe in yourself.....Wise words xxx

Spirits tracks here: