Radon - Live LP New Covers

Image of Radon - Live LP New Covers


16 Track LP

Recorded live at The Covered Dish on October 3rd & November 21st, 1992 and June 18th, 1993. The first 6 songs on both sides are from the October 3rd show. "Lyin' To You" and "Chia Girl" are from November 21st. "Stepmother Earth" and "Salad Master" are from the June 1993 show.

The first 2 pressings were totally warped, and only a small number made it out into the world. Mine (and I believe all) came in just the dust sleeve, stamped with "Radon" and had a bunch of drawings. The 3rd pressing is the one that has the cover of the boy in the headphones, 100 screened by Kurt Burja.

When No Idea released "28" in 1998, 35 mail order copies came as a bonus (with "No Idea Special Mailorder Edition - Fall 1998 #__/35” written on the back of the sleeve).

2018: No Idea made more covers for the original 1994 vinyl.