No Idea Records Back Catalogue LP's Reasonably Cheap From £3.75

Image of No Idea Records Back Catalogue LP's Reasonably Cheap From £3.75

£7.50 - On Sale

Here's a bunch of No Idea Back Catalogue releases, all are new(ish) pressings, but they're just LP's that were originally released a few years back, and it seemed a good idea (at the time) to keep them all together!!

Ampere - Like Shadows LP (COKE-BOTTLE CLEAR Vinyl)
Asshole Parade - Student Ghetto Violence LP+CD (DARK GREEN Vinyl)
Basement Benders - Lydiad LP + 7" (RANDOM MIX Vinyl 1st Press)
Basement Benders - Lydiad LP (BLACK Vinyl 2nd Press)
Billy No Mates - Duck, Duck, Goose LP (PURPLE SWIRLY Vinyl) - SOLD OUT -
Black Tower - The Secret Fire LP (RED or BLACK Vinyl)
Burnman - Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition LP (BLACK Vinyl)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - S/t LP (RED Vinyl)
Creepoid - Horse Heaven LP (BLACK or CLEAR BLUE w/SPLATTER Vinyl)
Creepoid - S/t LP (BLACK Vinyl)
Fiya - Magic Words LP (GREEN/WHITE SPLIT Vinyl)
Glass And Ashes - S/t LP (RANDOM MIX Vinyl)
Hawks And Doves - Year One LP (GOLD Vinyl)
Kindling - Everywhere Else LP (BLUE or BLACK Vinyl)
Kindling - Galaxies 12" EP (GREEN or BLUE Vinyl)
The Measure(sa) - Notes LP (CLEAR ORANGE Vinyl)
New Mexican Disaster Squad - Don't Believe LP (GREY Vinyl)
Onion Flavored Rings - Two Minutes Enlightenment LP (RANDOM MIX Vinyl)
Palatka - The End Of Irony LP (BLACK Vinyl)
Scouts Honor - I Am The Dust LP (BLACK Vinyl)
Shallow Cuts - Empty Beach Town LP (BLACK Vinyl)
Shores - Leavening LP (GOLD Vinyl/50 Exclusive)
Stop Breathing - S/t LP (BLUE/WHITE SPLIT or GREEN Vinyl)
Sunshine State - Pour PICTURE DISC LP
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Three Way Tie For A Fifth LP (BLACK Vinyl)
The Tim Version - Decline Of The Southern Gentlemen LP (Random Mix Vinyl)
The Tim Version - Ordinary Life (BLUE MIX LP+ PURPLE MIX Vinyl 7")
Tubers - Anachronous LP (GREEN MIX Vinyl)
Twelve Hour Turn - The Victory Of Flight LP (SKY BLUE or TRANSPARENT LIGHT BLUE Vinyl)
Whiskey & Co. - Leaving The Nightlife LP (RANDOM MIX Vinyl)
Whiskey & Co. - Ripped Together, Torn Apart LP (YELLOW or BLACK Vinyl)
Worn In Red - Banshees LP (Raspberry Vinyl/200)
Young Livers - The New Drop Era LP (BLACK Vinyl/100)