Lotus - The Road To Calvery LP BLACK Vinyl


10 Track LP, Released by Shield Recordings.

Listen here:

Straight out of Antwerp, Belgium and featuring ex-members of Accept The Change, LOTUS brings you a harrowing exercise in self-reflection with its second full-length album ‘The Road To Calvary’. Ushering in their post-‘Israel’ era, TRTC is an unapologetically intense album with relentlessly straightforward riffs and brutally honest lyrics. This record gets deeply under your skin and does it in true LOTUS style: in and out, with little room to catch your breath. Order this record now to receive your daily dose of combativeness. Release is available in two colours and features a deluxe booklet.

Pressing info:
220 x White with black mixed vinyl- SOLD OUT
317 x Black vinyl.

01. The Weight
02. The Violence
03. The Slit
04. The Rift
05. The Plea
06. The Drudge
07. The Blade
08. The Estrangement
09. The Cull
10. How I Wish Having Skeletons in My Closet Was Still Just a Figure of Speech