I Hate Myself - 3 Songs 12" EP WHITE Vinyl


3 Track 12" EP, Released by No Idea Records.

Listen here:

NEW PRESSING: 11 MAY 2015: 314 copies on WHITE VINYL!

Bonus for this pressing: the B-side features FOUR UNRELEASED TRACKS of silence. No singing, no instruments. Just silence. It's a little meditation time just for you. Crank it up!

We never expected i hate myself to rise again, but the brothers Marburger recently took time off from their current band Die Hoffnung to record this tale of lightning and love intertwined! Truly, this is some of their finest work to date.

I Hate Myself:
Jim Marburger - vocals, guitar
Jon Marburger - drums, bass

Recorded by Ronny Cates at Rec Room in July 2004

1. Roy Sullivan, by Lightning Loved
2. Roy on the Make
3. The Lightning Says