Elder Abuse - Burnt LP BLACK Vinyl/50


10 Track LP, Released by Little Rocket Records.

Elder Abuse (featuring ex-members of Daggermouth) is a band that play fast catchy tunes. Their roots are firmly planted in skate punk, hardcore, and pop punk. The results are fast and quirky songs for punks of all kinds.

Not to be taken seriously, Elder Abuse offers a touch of humor, nostalgia and, a fun experience in a 90s style that will make you want to spin the record over and over again.

European Limited Edition Vinyl: 50 x Blue and 50 x Black. Includes download code.

For fans of: Leatherface / A Whilhem Scream / Lagwagon / Samiam

Listen here:

1. Lemonade
2. Live Free
3. Good Enough
4. Weather Man
5. Better Off Dad
6. E.A.O.G.
7. Captain
8. Reorientation
9. The Winner's Circle
10. Happy New Year