DKR008 - Vicious Pleasures - S/t 7" Blue Vinyl/100

Image of DKR008 - Vicious Pleasures - S/t 7" Blue Vinyl/100

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Debut 4 Track 7" from this Portland, OR Punk/goth band, released by Different Kitchen/1859 Records

Listen here:

4 brand-new frantic tracks from this high-energy Portland punk outfit recorded by Stan Wright @ Buzz or Howl (Arctic Flowers)!
Steeped in the gloom of the Pacific Northwest, Vicious Pleasures play a dark & catchy and blend of Crass and Wipers influenced punk rock. Sara's tuneful singing interplays nicely with Lisa's hooky guitar riffs, backed by the solid performance of the rhythm section.

Definitely excited to be helping unleash this one on the world with a huge amount of help from 1859 Records (US)!

300 pressed:
* 100 black.
* 100 translucent green (exclusive to the US)
* 100 translucent blue (exclusive to the UK/Europe)
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