Crusades - Perhaps You Will Deliver This Judgement With Greater Fear... LP SMOKEY CLEAR Vinyl


10 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

"Burned at The Stake" vinyl! The colour varied throughout the pressing from SMOKEY CLEAR to CLEAR and back again. (CHECK OUT THE PHOTO!)

Ottawa, Canada's CRUSADES began in late 2009. Comprised of current and ex-members of Sedatives, The Creeps, Buried Inside, The Steve Adamyk Band, Last Communion, Zebrassieres, The Visitors, Pregnancy Scares, Black Tower & others, CRUSADES' initial (and ongoing) goal was to provide the somewhat accessible vehicle that is melodic punk rock for decidedly less than accessible ideas - namely atheism, antichristianity, secular humanism, satanism, and a vehement disdain for the crippling disease that is organized religion.

Recorded by Mike Bond @ Pebble Studios/The Bond Cave.

Jordan Bell
Skottie Lobotomy
Emmanuel Sayer
Dave Williams

Track Listing:
1. Exordium
2. The Torchbearer
3. The Signs of the Times
4. The Shadow of Ideas
5. The Incantations
6. The Transport of Intrepid Souls
7. The Heroic Frenzies
8. The Expulsion
9. The Art of Memory
10. Exitus

Album ‘Bio’:
Giordano Bruno was born five years after Copernicus' death. He had passed down an intoxicating idea to the generation that was to follow him: The Infinity of the Universe, one of the great inspiring ideas of the Renaissance. The sky was no longer simply a 15th Century God's backyard, and it was too vast to be presided over by a 15th Century God.

Bruno tried to imagine a god whose majesty dignified that of the stars. He desired deep thrills over high visions and yearned to share his experiences. And for this, he suffered a cruel death and attained a unique martyr's fame. He has
become the Church's most difficult alibi. It can explain away the case of Galileo with suave condescension. Bruno sticks in its throat.

Giordano Bruno is the martyr whose name should come before all others. He was not a mere religious sectarian caught up in some mob hysteria. He was a sensitive, imaginative poet, alight with the enthusiasm of a grand vision of the boundless universe – all tantamount to the ‘treason’ of heretical belief and nonconformity. For this vision he was confined in a lightless dungeon for eight years and then led to a blazing marketplace and roasted to death by fire.

The ‘Church’ will never outlive him.

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