Circles - Demo 2017 LP WHITE Vinyl/300


7 Track LP, Released by Shield Recordings.

When we at Shield Recordings heard the Circles "Demo 2017" by the end of 2017 we figured it needed to be pressed to good old 45 RMP vinyl! We found some awesome people to help out and here is the result!
Released together with Assurd Records, CanISay? Records and Crapoulet Records.

For Fans of 80's hardcore in the vein of Dag Nasty, Embrace mixed with some Husker Dü!

You can check the complete recordings at our bandcamp page:

Pressing info:
10 x Testpress (black with white labels).
300 x White vinyl

01. Rats
02. Knife
03. Movement
04. Love
05. Spring
06. Forward
07. Foundations