Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - S/t LP PURPLE/PURPLE SPLIT Vinyl/300


10 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

300 on PURPLE vinyl (a subtle Purple/Purple split-color at that!)

"These days, there are as many country-rocking singer / songwriters as there are baristas in LA with head shots. So Chris Wollard's solo debut, & The Ship Thieves, isn't going to grab anyone by the lapels like Andy Dick on a bender; its charm is a longer game. Wollard's moody, drawling croon wins your confidence slowly with each successive encounter. Though largely driven by folksy, acoustic strumming, Wollard does tap the electricity of his day jobs (HOT WATER MUSIC & THE DRAFT) for the ringing power-pop opener "No Exception" and "All The Things You Know." Songs like these contribute to the [album's] steady momentum, as Wollard mixes it up without muddying the disc's reflective tone. This attitude is epitomized by the jangly album highlight "Oh Whatever" with its self-indicting chorus. The arrangements are prim without being austere, placing Wollard's diffident, shuffling vocals center stage. The album feels as breezy as it does wistful, and lingers like memories of summer vacation." – Chris Parker / Alternative Press

The Ship Thieves:
Chris Wollard - vocals, guitars, bass, organ
Addison Burns - guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Ben Lovett - keys, guitar, bass, drums, percussion
George Rebelo - drums
Derron Nuhfer - bass
Bill Clower - drums
Adam Zukert - drums
Kim Chi - bass

Track Listing:
1. No Exception
2. Reason in My Rhyme
3. The Same to You
4. In the Middle of the Se
5. Up to the Moon
6. All the Things You Know
7. Oh, Whatever
8. You Always Leave
9. The High Water
10. Hey B