Black God - 7"s (II, Three & 4our) Colour Vinyl


3 different 6 Track 7" EPs, Released by No Idea Records.

BG Rule #1: No Song Over Two Minutes. The latest iteration in the Black Cross / Black Widows saga! Members also rockit with: Coliseum, Young Widows, Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, Breather Resist, Mountain Asleep. I like Killing Joke and Fugazi too!

Black God:
Rob Pennington - vocals
Ryan Patterson - guitar
Nick Thieneman - bass
Ben Sears - drums

Black God - II (RED or CLEAR Vinyl)
Track Listing:
1. Cast You Out
2. Broken Branches
3. Everyone's A Friend
4. Quit It
5. Housepaint
6. Your Manifest

Black God - Three (BROWN or CLEAR Vinyl)
1. Ghost In You
2. Won't Kiss The Ring
3. Washington
4. The Trick
5. Rank And File
6. Womb To Knife

Black God - 4our (BLUE Vinyl)