Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah LP


14 Track LP, Released by Bikini Kill Records.

Includes 7 previously unreleased tracks.

Comes with lyrics/credits insert, new liner notes and coupon for MP3 download.

A-side recorded on 4-track by Tim Green at The Embassy, February 1992.

B-side recording info:
"George Bush Is A Pig" live @ Gilman, June 21, 1991.
"I Busted In Yr Chevy Window" live @ Gilman, June 21, 1991.
"Why" @ Surf Club, Feb. 14, 1991.
"Fuck Twin Peaks" @ Bikini Kill practice.
"Girl Soldier" @ Bikini Kill practice.
"Not Right Now" @ ABC house show, April 19, 1991.