Small Brown Bike - The River Bed LP COKE-BOTTLE CLEAR Vinyl


10 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

440 copies on 150-Gram COKE-BOTTLE-CLEAR Vinyl (Pressed at audiophile plant QRP using new stampers pulled from the original metal mothers!)

Travis Dopp - guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Gensterblum - drums, backing vocals
Ben Reed - bass, backing vocals
Mike Reed - guitar, vocals

1. Deconstruct / Rebuild
2. Safe in Sound
3. A Declaration of Sorts
4. Scream in the Silence
5. Day and Nightmares
6. Tragically Ending
7. Sincerely Yours
8. What's Missing is Dead
9. The Outline of Your Hand Still Remains on My Hand
10. A Lesson to Remember