No Weather Talks - Undoing Defeat LP BLACK/WHITE MARBLE Vinyl/300


12 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records (European pressing on Gunner Records)

Listen here:

With members distributed between the northern German towns of Hamburg and Kiel, punk-pop five-piece NO WEATHER TALKS is set to release their debut-album 'Undoing Defeat' in 2015. Following two EPs and extensive touring, with shows from Athens to yearly appearances at Gainesville Florida's FEST, their first LP sums up the band's first years and gets to the heart of their sound.

Equipped with plenty of experience from respective members' past Hardcore- and Punk-projects, NO WEATHER TALKS draws inspiration from the vast musical landscape between 90s indierock, postcore or contemporary postpunk. Their songs attempt to rephrase the political within personal issues, reflect upon their own privilege and sometimes scream it out loud.

No Weather Talks:
Jens – Guitar
Micha – Guitar
Fred – Vocals
Pete – Drums
Max - Bass

1. The Poetry of a Life Rediscovered...
2. Problems with Pleasure
3. Any City's Song
4. Road Rash
5. Nazi Scum Has Gotta Die
6. A Scene Less Sinister
7. Picture Perfect Propaganda
8. Reclaim the Night
9. No More (Minimum Wage Song)
10. Silent Scapegoats
11. Shake it Off
12. A Toast to Revolutionary Souls