Fiya - Magic Words LP BLACK Vinyl

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10 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

BLACK Vinyl/260

Blistering barnacles! The FIYA record is here, the FIYA record is here! Shout it from the rooftops! Shout it from underneath the sink! I pretty much nailed it last time, so let me see if I can update that blurb:

"Magic Words" is a short (okay, so it's about twice as long as "Better Days"), fast blast of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration... an exciting kick-in-the-ass that encourages active participation, balanced with thoughtful contemplation! FIYA is a Gainesville, Florida collection of siblings, housemates, and neighbors (two of whom moved away, then moved back) who have been touring and recording for several years (well, they took a break and played THE FEST and HARVEST OF HOPE last year). "Magic Words" is the band's most focused effort: the songs are fast (and medium), melodic punk and the lyrics navigate the ways people try to imagine, articulate, and work towards a more compassionate world. Urgent and uplifting, raw and refreshing! Wrap that up with stunning art by Nate Powell!!

Joey Brenner - bass
Dru Martin - guitar, vocals
Patrick Quinney - vocals, guitar
Ryan Quinney - drums

Recorded by Jeremy Scott at Civil Defense in Brooklyn, NY

1. Magic Words
2. Bad Blood
3. Rattlesnake Blues
4. King
5. Rushes
6. You Are on Your Way
7. Custody
8. Coming True
9. If You Don't
10. Pure Joy