DKR001 - (Damn) This Desert Air/ Telescreen Split 7"

Image of DKR001 - (Damn) This Desert Air/ Telescreen Split 7"

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(Damn) This Desert Air (Calling Orion) are five gentlemen from the Northeastern region of the United States, joining together to create big, booming, melodic rock, wide in its breadth, sound and scope. Features ex-members of Elemae, Nora, Instruction, Ex Number Five, Merciana, Calm.Murder!

Telescreen (The Solar Sea - Remix) was formed in the spring of 2007 by members of Codeseven and vocalist Jared Draughon from Classic Case and are creating a musical and visual experience of spiraling, melodic, post hardcore sights and sounds.

Limited Edition of 500 on split colored vinyl.

100 - Clear/Grey Split w/Black Splatter (SOLD OUT)
200 - Black/White Split
200 - Blue/Orange Split (SOLD OUT)

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Sold Out