Boys/The Ordinary Boys Split 7" SPLATTER Vinyl

Image of Boys/The Ordinary Boys Split 7" SPLATTER Vinyl


2 tracks by each band, Released by Speedowax Records.

"My lovely Mates The Ordinary Boys​ are doing a cool 7" split on Speedowax it's the best music they have ever done: equally influenced by Teenage Fanclub, Husker Du & 90s era Lookout Records. It's all Ordinary Boys mix of post hardcore, emo and British indie and were proud to be apart of their big come back Sharing this split is Another great band from Ohio Containing Mixtapes​ member Maura Joined by Megan on Guitar/vocals
Rachel on bass Zach on drums they are called Boys they play ultra catchy pogo punk rock. We've gone all out on this release with some Amazing 90s era vibrant Lookout art and ultra unique colour vinyl make this something special for new and old fans alike...artwork by Woody Troják" - Rich Speedowax