Ampere - Like Shadows LP Coke-Bottle Clear Vinyl


15 Track LP, Released by No Idea Records.

New Pressing of 310 copies on Coke-Bottle Clear Vinyl!

"Providing the ideal soundtrack to your next Nietzschian nervous breakdown, Like Shadows is another high-water mark for Ampere. Since picking up the flag for intelligent, literate screamo in 2002 when his former band, Orchid, called it quits, guitarist Will Killingsworth and the rest of Ampere have continued to push the boundaries of inventive, aggressive post-hardcore. Like Shadows is the highest-quality recording in their stacked catalog and the sonic crispness of songs such as "Terminally" make all 28 seconds leap out of the stereo. Like Shadows' attack is refined and unbelievably heavy, but has enough dynamics to drive home just how seriously raw and powerful its most explosive moments truly are." –Sam Sutherland / Alternative Press

Andy - drums
Meghan - bass
Stephen - vocals Will - guitar

Recorded at Dead Air by Will

Track Listing:
1. (We're) Stranded
2. Escapism Pt. II
3. Centuries Fled
4. Of Nightmare Reality
5. Bullshit Sloganeering
6. Chasing Ghosts
7. The Submerged Tenth
8. Statement of Capitulation
9. We Neither Rise Nor Fall
10. Maps, Legends
11. Dead Weight
12. Flightless
13. For Automation
14. Terminally
15. Tiny Victories